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DCS/PCS Implementation

The specification, installation and configuration of distributed control systems (DCS)/process control systems (PCS) from different suppliers is one of our core businesses.

  • Engineering, installation and configuration of DCS/PCS systems of different suppliers
  • Functional Specification DCS/PCS
  • Creating software typicals/templates
  • Procurement and installation of the DCS/PCS hardware
  • DCS/PCS configuration
    • Implementation of control modules/continuous function charts (CFC)
    • Advanced Process Control (APC)
    • Implementation of the phases/sequence function charts (SFC)
    • Process visualization, process graphics/displays
    • Creating reports/logs
    • Interface (Modbus, Profibus, etc.)
    • Internal test, FAT, SIT, SAT, loop check
    • System start-up, Commissioning
    • Training of operational staff and maintenance staff
    • Delivery and assembly of DCS/PCS components including network
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