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System-Migration / Replacement

Migration or replacement as part of the lifecycle of the process plant

Taking the total life cycle of a processing plant into consideration, it is often necessary to migrate or replace existing and/or obsolete control systems. These migrations or replacements require careful conception and planning in order to minimize downtime and risks. In addition to interdisciplinary planning, profound knowledge of the obsolete system to be replaced is essential. For the following systems:
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TDC 2000 und TDC 3000
Contronic P

we can offer the following services:

  • Concept study
  • Software and hardware inventory (including know-how of various obsolete control systems)
  • Detailed scheduling of the migration and/or shutdown phase
  • Cost estimate
  • Assembly and disassembly planning
  • DCS/PCS implementation
  • Internal test, FAT, SIT, SAT
  • Delivery, assembly and start-up
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