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Data Historian/Long-Term Archive

Data Historian/Long-Term Archive

Data historian systems are used to centrally record long-term relevant process values, process flow data and messages. We support our customers in the planning, installation, parameterization and connection of these systems for archiving data as well as their evaluation, diagnosis and presentation in reports or web-based dashboards.

Our Services

  • Planning and implementation of data historian systems
  • Connection to various data sources, also in batch-oriented productions
  • Implementation of evaluations, KPI calculations and web dashboards
  • Qualification and validation of historian systems
  • Proof of data integrity from the data source to the data display
  • Expertise in the introduction and operational support of products such as SIEMENS Process Historian, VIDEC Acron, Wonderware Historian (Schneider)
  • Regulation-compliant recording and long-term storage of operating data, alarm data, batch data and metadata
  • Preparation and presentation of relevant information via dashboards or automatically generated reports
  • Diagnosis, statistical evaluation and alerting of any deviations that occur
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