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Performance Management Solutions

We can support you in all questions concerning the collection and analysis of data in your company and especially in production. For this purpose, targeted tools for evaluation, visualization and decision-making will be developed and implemented in collaboration with the customer:

Designing performance management systems

  • Determining and defining required key performance indicators (KPIs) according to ISO/DIS 22400 / VDMA 66412
  • Development and conception of role-based dashboards which are based on the available KPIs
  • Consulting and planning for the underlying processes and superordinated management programs
  • More focus on drill-down and knowledge gain
  • Contextualization of data

Planning for and implementation of energy management solutions

  • Consulting and planning of the superordinated management program according to
    DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Needs analysis and design for suitable energy management systems
  • Planning and implementation

Implementing real-time based data management systems

  • Installation and configuration of system components
  • Planning and development of data interfaces
  • Developing customer-oriented applications for data consolidation and data analysis

Creating KPI monitoring scenarios

  • Designing continuous monitoring processes and escalation processes for e.g. OEE, energy scenarios or maintenance scenarios
  • Technical implementation, support and further development for operational change processes
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