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The SpiraTec Group

To further expand their respective expertise in the core industries, the companies joined forces under the umbrella of the SpiraTec Group. As a “hidden champion”, we have been active at over 30 locations in Germany, Italy, Austria and the USA since April 2022, together with over 600 employees.

SpiraTec AG

Founded in 2007, SpiraTec AG has evolved into the parent company of the SpiraTec Group.

With more than 400 employees at 21 locations, we are experts when it comes to industrial planning and high-tech solutions in the areas of digital transformation, engineering, robotics services, automation and IT in the industrial environment.

SpiraTec Solutions, Inc. (US)

In line with the concept of supporting customers as global players as an international partner, SpiraTec AG has decided to establish a subsidiary in the USA.

Under the motto “Automation and IT solutions for manufacturing excellence”, the SpiraTec Solutions team offers a wide range of automation and IT services for national and international projects.

SpiraTec Italia S.r.l.

SpiraTec Italia was founded in 2022 from a solid base of 20 years of experience in the field of industrial automation of the company Industrial Solutions.
The collaboration between the company and the German group of SpiraTec resulted in 2022 in the acquisition of the shares of the company´s “historical” founding partners who remain within the company as managing directors to ensure appropriate continuity in terms of technologies and people.

onoff GmbH

As a system-independent partner for automation and IT, we develop precisely customized solutions for process automation, digitalization and artificial intelligence. Our sector focus is on pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, water/wastewater and natural gas. However, our customized, future-oriented solutions are also increasingly in demand in other sectors, such as retail.

Industrial Solutions M&B GmbH

The company is divided into three service areas: automation technology, software development and electrical engineering.

Highly qualified engineers and IT specialists work at the Oberhausen site for companies from the steel and paper industries as well as plant engineering.