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Our Culture and values

Which corporate culture and value structure do we concentrate on at SpiraTec?

Our actions are always focused on the needs and demands of our customers and our employees.

The fundamental idea of the member of staff as a central asset of the company is lived in our company totally. We are always very careful to create strong social links between our staff and thereby promote cross-location collaboration in the project teams. Some examples of this are the individual team events, which are planned by the departments and project teams, the joint Summer party as well as the annual Christmas parties at the company locations where we can round off the year together.

Our members of staff enjoy a great deal of trust and freedom with our company straight from day one. We encourage them to work in an independent and autonomous way with creativity and innovation, implementing courageous action and with solution-oriented thinking.

A clearly defined flow of information thereby makes work processes transparent at all times and, at the same time, promotes the motivation of the staff in the team. This concept encourages innovative thinking and forms the basis for the continuous improvement of all processes in the overall concept of the company.

The fundamental principle for ensuring the successful execution of our customer orders is the professional competence of our employees. We therefore always attach great importance to their qualifications and support them through intensive, ongoing training. Customer trust, which is gained in this way, secures our work for the future.

The informal “you” form is also firmly anchored in our modern corporate culture. From the interns and working students to our Board Directors, we always address each other by our first names. This creates a degree of closeness and promotes an honest and direct corporate communication with transparency and constructive mutual feedback.

The values & guidelines which we have defined as a company, and that also form the foundation of our collaboration in our daily work, can be found below.

Our values & guidelines

  • Loyalty & Respect

    We represent and promote loyal, supportive and interested behavior and value-appreciative, tolerant and courteous treatment towards the company, our colleagues, customers, partners and staff.

  • Inspiration & Innovation

    We strive for change, further development and optimization. Breathing in and promoting an idea is already located in our name – Spira = Inspiration.

  • Team Spirit & Collegiality

    We are (only) strong together when we function as a team and this is the only way that we can achieve our goals. Team spirit is characterized by always being helpful and providing mutual support.

  • Transparency & Openness

    We stand for open communication, non-political actions and short decision-making processes, all of which are supported by flat hierarchies.

  • Trust & Freedom

    We encourage and always promote an independent and self-reliant way of working, creativity and innovation, courageous action and solution-oriented thinking.

    For reasons of simplification, it is possible that only the masculine form is used in some places. The SpiraTec Group absolutely rejects any differentiation according to gender / gender identity / skin color / origin / sexual orientation / religion / age and/or disability. The development of each personality is one of the highest goods here.