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SpiraTec from A-Z

Which terms define the everyday work of our staff?
Gain an overview and immerse yourself in the exciting working world of SpiraTec.


This internal format enables our staff to ask their questions, whether of a personal or professional nature, directly to our Board of Directors in a town hall meeting.

Bi-annual review meeting/annual review meeting

A structured feedback meeting with the Executive Manager in order to reflect on the past year and plan new objectives or targets for the future.

Branch Focus

Pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, petrochemicals, food & beverages, water & wastewater, liquefied natural gas (LNG), steel, automotive, plant construction – EPCM

Break rooms/kitchen

A space for office breaks and sharing time with colleagues, without screens or telephones.


Our Buddy Program has been designed to make it easier for new members of staff to get started at our company. In addition to the Executive Manager and the team, an additional skilled, professional contact person and personal advisor is available.


Every colleague is really pleased when an email arrives with the message – “Who would like to, I have brought customers/muffins/pretzels… today – please help yourselves”.

Car pool/company car

Starting from the Senior Project Manager level upwards, one has the option to select your own company car. Furthermore, all members of staff also retain the possibility to utilize a car from our car pool for business purposes.

CDM (Career Development Map)

Our road map for a successful career from member of staff to Executive Manager. We never leave anything to chance here and provide a structured framework for career development.

Christmas Party

There is another festive celebration at our locations at the end of the year and this always provides the opportunity to reflect on the year in a pleasant atmosphere.


Certainly one of the most important factors for a good collaboration – the colleagues. Projects are always a team effort at our company, therefore collegiality is certainly one of the most important factors for our success. You can find additional information about this in the category for “Our Values & Culture” on the career’s page.

Company Film

Click here to access the film.

Company run

We participate in company runs at many of our locations every year. Every member of staff is welcome to join in here.

Compensatory time off

In our company, this refers to the possibility of compensating overtime or exceptional workloads with additional time off or vacation days.

Cooperation partners, product partners and technology partners

We have many various partners for our different lines of business. Use the following links to learn more about them:
Partner for IT Solutions
Partner for Automation Solutions
Partner for Digital Transformation

Corporate Functions

Our internal departments – Human Resources (HR), Recruiting, Marketing, Corporate IT (CIT), Administration & Accounting, Controlling.

Digital Transformation

The “Digital Transformation” process is integrated into our vision and represents one of our core areas. “Digital transformation” is the transformation of the corporate world by utilizing new technologies with an impact on society as a whole. This process therefore involves utilizing and applying digital information and communication technologies for the purpose of improving performance by transforming and/or additionally developing corporate processes, customer experiences and business models (Source: Digitale Transformation: Was ist das? | Technikum Wien Academy).

Dual Study Course

We offer the opportunity for dual study courses in different focus areas: Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor in Cyber Security, Bachelor in Information Technology and Bachelor of Business Administration. You can find more detailed information in the training courses/apprenticeships/dual studies category on our career’s page.


We ensure that our members of staff are always equipped with the latest equipment so that they can work optimally from anywhere in the world.

Flexible working hours

Our staff are free to organize their working day as they wish although, of course, it should be based on the needs of the company and our customers.


The founders and Board of Directors of SpiraTec are Andreas Schadt and Frank Heines. 


One of our core values. We create free space for independent and creative work. You can find out more about this in the category for “Our Values & Culture” on the career’s page.

Free beverages

Irrespective of whether it’s tea, coffee or water, you can just grab it at our offices and never have to bring your own beverages anymore.

Fuel Voucher

We offer our employees a monthly fuel voucher as an alternative to a job ticket.

Fund Raising Activities

Fund raising ideas, which have been initiated and organized by our staff, will always be supported by the company.


In our company, this designates an internal and/or organizational management role across all locations. More information can be found in the category for “SpiraTec as an employer” on our career’s page.

Head Meeting

These are our regular internally occurring meetings. An exchange takes place here about professional/technical topics and location-related content.


Our Industrial Automation Solutions Division: Design, planning, erection, commissioning, servicing, maintenance, optimization and replacement of automation systems with accompanying engineering work. More information is available via the following link (here link to the category for “Our Performance – LOB IAS”).


Our Industrial Engineering & Design Division: Unifies various engineering disciplines under one roof – Process Engineering, Pipework Engineering, Civil Engineering, HVAC and EPCM. More information is available via the following link (here link to the category for “Our Performance – LOB IED”).


Our Industrial IT Solutions Division: System Integration for production-related IT solutions and basic IT technologies. More information is available via the following link (here link to the category for “Our Performance – LOB IITS”).

Industry 4.0/Digital Production

The term describes the fourth industrial revolution with the objective of achieving a data-controlled, AI-supported, networked “intelligent factory” (Smart Factory) (Source: Was bedeutet Industrie 4.0? Definition, Merkmale und Anwendung).


Overarching-company digital information event, which is intended to inform about new projects, subject matter, topics and organizational things. Often accompanied with pizza, but sometimes also with bread rolls, white sausage, Schnitzel, Spätzle or whatever else you really like (local specialties depending on the location involved).


We consider ourselves as market drivers in our core topics and often deal with new issues, related subjects and holistic perspectives. One can find more information about this in the category for “Our Values & Culture” on the career’s page.


Is already located in our company name of “SpiraTec” and defines our way of working. You can also find more information about this in the category for “Our Values & Culture” on the career’s page.


Our own internal communication platform & knowledge database. Here you can find current documents and information as well as news from our business divisions and units, internal departments, locations, projects and partnerships. Our motto here: ONE World of Inspiration.


Our Industrial Robotics Solutions Division: The focus is placed here on customer projects which deal with the planning as well as software integration of driver-free transport systems (DTSs) and collaborative robots (Cobots). Keywords like AGV/AMR (automated guided vehicles/robots) play a major role here. More information is available via the following link (here link to the category for “Our Performance – LOB IRS”).

Job bike

We offer our employees a job bike leasing scheme.

Job ticket

With our job ticket, we offer our employees the opportunity to leave their car at home and travel to work by train or bus. Alternatively, we offer fuel vouchers.


Regular coordination with colleagues & superiors regarding current topics. A French term which is frequently utilized in everyday life. Coordination, agreement and exchange are elementary subjects for us due to the strong networking and collaboration processes with locations and customers.


We have more than 20 locations in Europe and North America.

LOB (Line of Business)

Our different lines of business.


One of our values and fundamental aspects for us and/or a good collaboration. Learn more about this in the category for “Our Values & Culture” on the career’s page.

Microsoft Teams

Our internal communication tool for a successful digital exchange.

MTP (Module Type Package)/NAMUR

An innovative approach and global standard for quick and simple adaptation of production processes to existing market conditions and/or fluctuations in demand.

Mountain tour

An annual (voluntary) event or range of events, which takes place at an always recently selected new destination in the mountains with overnight accommodation, climbing tours and, of course, a cozy get-together.

Mobile Working

We have an established mobile working concept and thereby also provide the possibility, depending on the current project, to save the commuting time and effort and do the work from home.

NOA (Namur Open Architecture)/NAMUR

SpiraTec contributes to modularization and orchestration with its expertise in order to lead the process industry into a new era with the development of a new standard in the Namur committee.


One of our core values for creating a trusting working atmosphere with us. One can also find out more about this in the category for “Our Values & Culture” on the career’s page.


Flat hierarchies, short decision-making paths and strong networking (of the various specialized departments and locations) within the company – that’s what makes SpiraTec special.


The PMECamp (Project Management Excellence Camp) is part of our training concept, lasts for three days and takes place in a special atmosphere in a mountain hut. Prospective or new Project Managers can gain knowledge about the specific SpiraTec PME tools at this camp, as well as skills in leadership areas and collaboration. It thereby serves as a networking opportunity with colleagues and also includes a few sporting climbing sessions.


Personal protection equipment/work clothes when you’re out and about in plants or factories at our customers’ locations.

Project Manager

Our Project Managers are not just organizationally responsible for projects and the project members. They also have to remain close to our customers from a technical and specialist point of view and thereby support them in this aspect as well.

QM (Quality Management)

Within the SpiraTec group, we have a high quality standard for our work, but also for our processes. For this reason, we have an established quality management system in place and/or a manual, which we are constantly developing.

Regional Manager

Internal/organizational management role. Here one has not only responsibility for the staff but also customer responsibility, and that already for a larger region or several locations.


One of our values and fundamental aspects for us and/or a good collaboration. Learn more about this in the category for “Our Values & Culture” on the career’s page.


Consulting/advice, multidisciplinary engineering & design, technical implementation, erection and construction, service for operating production plants.

Smart Manufacturing

Is a technological concept which uses machinery, which is connected up via the Internet, for monitoring the production process. The objective of Smart Manufacturing is to drive automation of manufacturing processes onwards and utilize data analytics to improve production performance (Source: Was ist Smart Manufacturing? – Definition von (


SpiraTec comprises SpiraTec AG (parent company) and various subsidiaries which are located in different countries. Term explanation: Spira (old term Speyer & inspiration) & Tec (technological know-how).

SpiraTec Logo

The SpiraTec member of staff as the interface between inspiration and technology, also between the idea and technical implementation.

Strategy Meeting

The Management Team is part of the strategy development for SpiraTec. This therefore means that a meeting is held twice a year in order to plan the future strategic direction.


Although we are not actually a producing company, we still leave a footprint (environmental, economic and social) and one which we should pay attention to. We are constantly working to contribute to improving the environment and the work surroundings. Among other things, we are actively working in projects with our customers which, for example, aim to reduce CO2 emissions or promote health. But also internally, by utilizing the Employability Study, we are constantly trying to optimize the working conditions for our staff.


Our talent program offers the opportunity to advance your career quicker and to acquire skills which will be essential for the work as a future Project Manager or organizational Executive Manager by utilizing our structured programs.

Team Events

Our teams also plan regular team events, with always exciting settings (Escape Room, covered wagon trip, wine hike, etc.).

Trade fair participation

One can also find us regularly appearing at trade fairs – both at Universities of Applied Sciences, Colleges/Universities, Technical Schools and at trade exhibitions.

Team & Account Manager

Creates the first organizational leadership role with us. Here one is responsible for a small team and customers at one location.

Team Spirit

This is what makes working at SpiraTec so special. “Being strong together as a team” is our motto. You can find out more about this in the category for “Our Values” on the career’s page.

Training Catalog (internal)

Our training catalog provides interdisciplinary & (technical) training courses for our members of staff.


One of our values and fundamental aspects for us and/or a good collaboration. One can find out more about this in the category for “Our Values” on the career’s page.


One of our core values. That’s what makes a good working atmosphere at our company. You can find out more about this in the category for “Our Values & Culture” on the career’s page.

USP (Unique Selling Point)

Our success factor and unique selling point – All disciplines located in one team (Industrial Automation Solutions, Industrial IT Solutions, Industrial Engineering & Design, Industrial Robotics Services).




Refer to the “Our Values & Culture” category. They create the cornerstones for a good and lived positive work culture.


Our annual survey for evaluating our staff satisfaction and to develop measures which can be derived from the results which are gained from the survey. One of the results from this, among others, is our “ASKtheCEO” series.

World Café

One part of the strategy meeting. Informative subjects from the different, and always changing sectors, are presented here.

Welcome Seminar

Our event for newcomers so they can get to know SpiraTec (history & areas of activity) and meet up with additional new colleagues.

Welcome Package

Every new member of staff receives this package on his or her first day at work. This includes the basic work equipment (writing block, pen, welcome greeting from the Executive Board etc.).

Year of foundation

SpiraTec AG was founded in 2007 with a head office in Speyer. In 2012, SpiraTec Solutions Inc. was founded in California/USA. In 2022, the SpiraTec Group expanded to include the companies of the onoff group, Industrial Solutions M & B GmbH, and SpiraTec Italia S.r.l. 

For reasons of simplification, it is possible that only the masculine form is used in some places. The SpiraTec Group absolutely rejects any differentiation according to gender / gender identity / skin color / origin / sexual orientation / religion / age and/or disability. The development of each personality is one of the highest goods here.