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Industrial IT Solutions

Our services for Industrial IT Solutions

The corporate level and production level were separate worlds for a long time. Incompatible IT systems of different core technologies have always characterized the distinct spheres of activity of the providers of ERP software and the underlying MOM / MES and automation systems.

The increasing connection between digital and physical systems in production (Cyber Physical Systems) – keyword “Industry 4.0” – contains enormous potential for being able to increase productivity and strengthening the competitiveness of German companies.

In the Industrial IT Solutions sector, we rely on extensive experience for system integration, for production-related IT solutions and basic IT technologies.  Implementing individual customer requirements, taking into account forward-looking technologies, is what drives us forwards in this business field.

Industrial IT Solutions

IT / OT System Integration




IT / Automation Infrastructure





Customer innovation potential

So-called maturity models enable a status analysis of organizations during the course of digital transformation. We can assist you when applying these models to your company.

Within the framework of an analysis phase, we record your systems, organizational structures and processes and therefore evaluate them in terms of their maturity level. In conjunction with your digital strategy, we can utilize the results of this analysis to develop your digital road map and target architectures for your system landscape.

mastering digital processes

Thanks to forward-looking technologies and methods, SpiraTec is your partner for digital transformation.