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Digital Assets

A digital asset is a digital model of a physical asset that is additonally available in digital form with enriched information.

Examples of assets in the process industry are manually operated valves or other manually operated equipment, automated valves, transmitters/sensors, but also rotating equipment such as pumps or motors. The digital asset is then linked with, e.g., the manufacturer’s installation and operating instructions and all the design data from the engineering phase. A new feature currently under development at SpiraTec is the enrichment of the digital asset in the 3D model with real-time status information from the production plant.
Using the digital twin, a virtual model of the overall production plant, digital assets are integrated and visualized for use in production – i.e. digital operations. In this way, critical situations in the production environment can be identified at an early stage and corrective measures be implemented. Any malfunctions or fault conditions of the individual components are identified and corrected before failure occurs. Predictive maintenance is the buzzword widely used in the market.

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