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Process Engineering

Process engineering hereby occupies a key position between mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering. A high degree of interdisciplinary understanding is therefore required. We can provide solution-oriented consulting which takes all the aspects of plant engineering into account.

We have created a 3D planning environment in which the information required for project communication as well as project management in interdisciplinary plant and system engineering can be accessed and made available at any time and from any location.
This can be executed without having to exit the 3D planning environment.

Utilizing the graphical representation enables us to guarantee an efficient interface management process for all database-based systems.

Process engineering planning

  • Concepts, feasibility studies for plants (chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas)- Basic and detail engineering
  • Basic engineering and detail engineering
  • Optimization and extending plants and facilities
  • Plant alterations
  • Supplying operating resources
  • Storage for operating resources and chemicals
  • Analysis and design of mechanical safety equipment
  • Decentralized energy generation
  • Innovative, holistic energy concepts
  • Process simulation
  • Plant documentation (creation and maintaining it)
  • As-built recordings

Measurement / 3D model creation / BIM

  • Exact measurement by means of the latest technologies such as 3D laser scanning
  • Creating digital, clearly structured 3D models in all customary CAE tools (E3D, PDMS, Plant 3D)
  • Administration of pipe class databases
  • Interface management and implementation for all involved trades
  • Layout planning and pipework designing from the feasibility study stage to detail engineering / isometric design
  • Layout planning for machinery and equipment
  • Low-interface integration of modules / package unit management

HAZOP / PAAG and Plant Safety

Safety Concept

  •  Local authority engineering (incident report, safety report)
  • Legal basis and regulations
  • Guidelines
  • Working equipment
  • Sample solutions
  • Accident prevention / BG provisions
  • Machinery Directives
  • Explosion protection
  • Fire protection
  • Planning specifications for skilled disciplines
  • Dispersion calculations / free jet calculations
  • Jet flame
  • Industrial safety
  • Work instructions

Operating Concepts

  • Uniform structure for valve stations
  • Standardization of monitoring functions (instrumentation)
  • Consideration of operability


  • Hazard considerations
  • Definition for possible hazards
  • PLT safety, classification in SIL
  • HAZOP Leader
  • Consulting

Calculations for safety valves and fittings

  • Inventory with a scan / without scan
  • Verification and validation of design scenarios considering current normative regulations and standards
  • Calculations by means of special software according to requirements
  • Dimensioning and installation planning in coordination with pipeline planning and pipeline assembly
  • Preparation of inquiry documentation and order documents
  • Request for quotation, commercial and technical bid comparison
  • Documentation according to customer requirements
  • Dispersion calculations / free jet calculations

Process engineering calculations

  • Pipework structural stress analysis according to EN13480 (Caesar II, Rohr2)
  • Simplified elasticity verifications according to AD2000 HP100R
  • Flange verifications
  • Preparation of suitable support concepts by trained and experienced personnel (E3D and ROHR 2)
  • Elaboration of special supports (axial and lateral stops, design of cams, cracks etc.)
  • Design of spring hangers (LISEGA) and expansion joints
  • Calculation for internal pressure loads (DIMY)
  • Stability calculations
  • Verification of earthquake resistance (also according to KTA)
  • Component verification
  • Pressure surge calculation
  • Spigot verifications

Layout Planning

  • Foresighted layout planning
  • 3D planning according to ergonomic safety and process-relevant aspects by experienced, trained personnel
  • Operable arrangement of equipment, plant components and fittings
  • Recognizable layout of similar process engineering units, e.g. valve stations
  • Ensuring compliance with minimum clearances & implementation of escape and rescue route concepts
  • Consideration of assembly, maintenance and repair and/or component exchange
  • Organization and implementation of 3D reviews including. virtual reality services
  • Preparation of operating instructions and maintenance plans

Site Engineering / Construction Management

  • Site management, technical construction management and commissioning
  • Coordination of contractors and subcontractors involved
  • Implementation and realization of safety standards on the construction site
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting of project progress
  • Contributing to the adherence to the project schedule
  • Compiling and updating technical documentation
  • Review and ensure compliance with quality standards
  • Professional, flexible support for time-critical on-site problems
  • SiGe coordination for occupational safety / accident prevention and implementation of BG regulations by process engineers with SiGeKo training courses


  • Container assembled facilities
  • Extendable plant units
  • Multipurpose plants
  • Standardizing functional groups
  • Definition of assemblies
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