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Information for Professionals & Managers

Do you enjoy working with people from different specialist or technical fields and disciplines who are experts in your field?

Whether as a Project Manager involved directly at the interface with our customers, as an expert in the background or as a Team Manager – we can work jointly on the continuous success and growth of SpiraTec, which will therefore open up a wide range of career opportunities for our members of staff.

Get started today as a Specialist Manager or Executive Manager in one of our five specialist divisions:

Industrial Automation Solutions

On the pulse of automation

SpiraTec provides a complete range of automation services for the construction and/or conversion of production plants, systems and facilities. SpiraTec creates modular concepts for process automation (PCS) and the field level for all planning phases in this area, such as e.g. detailed software specifications and hardware specifications. SpiraTec also takes care of the entire qualification procedure for the process control technology in the regulated industry (biopharma/pharmaceutical). The range of entry-level opportunities is very diverse and therefore depends on your interests.

What should you be able to offer?

You have already gained experience as a Specialist Manager or Executive Manager in the field of automation of process plants or would like to familiarize yourself with this industry focus. You like to work holistically and project-based on subjects in the field of automation. Then apply to us and become part of our success story. We can provide many opportunities for further development and advancement due to our continuous growth.

Industrial Engineering & Design

Plant and system design at the highest level and in all facets.

Together with our customers, SpiraTec develops a holistic solution which always takes into account the technical and economic requirements of the production location. Process engineering hereby occupies a key position between mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering.

In the 3D planning area, SpiraTec has created an environment in which the information required for project communication and project management in interdisciplinary plant and system engineering can be accessed and made available at any time and from any location.

Furthermore, the company provides engineering services for structures, buildings and steel structures in all project phases. This extends from the study phase to the detailed planning and also comprises the documentation for the construction of the structure. The core competencies here are focused on the areas of steel and solid structures, special steel structures, WHG structures, building in existing structures and modular construction.

SpiraTec can provide engineering services from all areas of technical building equipment and supply technology in the field of HVAC engineering. Our services extend throughout the entire life cycle of building services and supply engineering systems. Starting with the preparation of feasibility studies, the technical planning of new plants, systems, optimization and conversion projects for existing plants, through to dismantling concepts, SpiraTec is available as a contact partner for all requirements with individual solutions. Our core competencies therefore lie in the planning of plants, systems and facilities for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries with their high requirements in terms of a high-quality production environment, high requirements for emission protection, and high supply reliability.

What should you be able to offer?

You have already been able to gain professional, specialist or management experience as an engineer or technician and would now like to work in a project-related environment in the future. Your main skills are concentrated on the HVAC engineering, civil engineering areas with a focus on steel construction or process engineering (planning & monitoring of process plants) in the chemical and/or (organic)pharmaceutical industry environment. Then apply to us!

Industrial IT Solutions

We think Industry 4.0 intelligently and in a new way.

The corporate level and production level were separate worlds for a long time. Incompatible IT systems of different core technologies have always characterized the distinct spheres of activity of the providers of ERP software and the underlying MOM / MES and automation systems. The increasing connection of digital and physical systems in production (Cyber Physical Systems) – keyword “Industry 4.0” – contains enormous potential for being able to increase productivity and strengthening the competitiveness of companies.

SpiraTec considers itself to be a solution provider for smart technologies in the industrial IT environment. In addition to consulting and optimization of processes by utilizing data science, the focus is also placed on the development of production-related services for operation in the cloud and the support of procedural processes within production with AR and AI. Of course, the support and servicing for cloud-based services are also part of the portfolio.

In the Industrial IT Solutions Division, SpiraTec always relies on extensive experience, starting off with the subjects of data management, system integration, MOM, hardware and IT security and extending into new subjects which additionally develop the portfolio and are forward-looking, such as IOT platforms, edge technology and cloud-based solutions and services. Implementing individual customer requirements, taking into account forward-looking technologies, is what drives SpiraTec onwards in this business field.

What should you provide?

You have already gained experience as a Specialist Manager or Executive Manager in the information technology environment, preferably in a project environment. You feel at home in the field of production-related IT or would like to develop yourself in this area. You like to work at the cutting edge of forward-looking topics and technologies and want to actively help develop the market. Then apply to us!

Industrial Robotics Services

A sector with start-up mentality, but in grown structures.

Actively shape a new business sector in a highly innovative business field and become a pioneering leader for new approaches in smart manufacturing in the process industry. Combine the areas of Robotic Process Design, System Integration, Robotic Orchestration and Realization in a completely new environment and context and develop the future of modular production systems, not only methodically but also technically.

What should you be able to offer?

You are already working as a Specialist Manager or Executive Manager in the field of intralogistics with a technical focus (preferably fleet management or control systems) in this field. Or you are working as a developer in the field of robotics software or AGVs. Then this area could be exciting for you. Here you can apply your knowledge broadly and therefore contribute to forward-looking projects in a highly innovative environment with our customers in the chemical and (organic)pharmaceutical industries.

Administration & Internal IT

Work at the heart of SpiraTec.

Work at the heart of SpiraTec with interfaces to all specialist departments in an innovative and expanding company. Our internal areas and divisions extend to the International Marketing, Human Resources, Corporate IT, Administration and Accounting & Controlling fields. In each of our internal departments, experts in their specialist field work constantly in order to ensure that SpiraTec can optimally satisfy the challenges of the future, and therefore that our processes continue to develop in line with our growth. This is supplemented by trainees, as well as career starters, who would like to build up their experience in practice and who thereby optimally enrich our teams with dynamism and new approaches.

What should you be able to offer?

Do you already have experience as a Specialist Manager or Executive Manager in a commercial area or an area of corporate IT? Do you enjoy working at the interface to different areas in a service-oriented environment. Or does your heart beat for internal IT processes and structures which you would like to align with the future. We can provide a wide range of entry-level opportunities. Due to our continuous growth, our internal areas and processes are also constantly amending, thereby giving staff the opportunity to develop their career levels, but also their areas of responsibility on an ongoing basis. Does that sound interesting to you? Then apply to us! We are continuing to grow and you can become part of our success story.

For reasons of simplification, it is possible that only the masculine form is used in some places. The SpiraTec Group absolutely rejects any differentiation according to gender / gender identity / skin color / origin / sexual orientation / religion / age and/or disability. The development of each personality is one of the highest goods here.