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Digital Technologies


Work more efficiently with augmented/virtual reality support, optimize downtimes, simplify maintenance and digitize workflows: Deep domain knowledge in the process industry combined with leading IoT and augmented/virtual reality applications enables successful integration of digital technologies.

Together with our strategic technology partners, we accompany our customers in the implementation of a step-by-step digital transformation.

Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)

Through existing partnerships with leading providers of AR/VR solutions, SpiraTec is able to offer holistic Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solution, from planning, installation and configuration to support. The spectrum ranges from process engineering planning and the integration of production-related IT systems to the finished AR/VR solution.

Via the Line of Business “Industrial Engineering” anchored within SpiraTec, a dynamic 3D twin of the plant is produced (static twin + real-time process data model) in combination with laboratory and production data. This enables the development of suitable AR/VR solutions that are used in industry.

Merck KGaA Darmstadt about the Proof of Concept (POC)

With the help of the digitization experts from SpiraTec and their technology partner PTC, the connectivity and transport of asset data to a central IOT platform was realized in a proof of concept. Through this connection, a customized AR solution was developed for a selected heating control center that offers numerous advantages.

For example, assets can be specifically searched for and displayed in the AR experience. In the event of an error, a warning is issued and navigation to the faulty asset can be started. Documentation is subsequently provided to us as a 2D overlay, e.g. via PDF. Data can be read but also written via a log book.

Finally, new assets can be recorded or existing ones repositioned via the AR experience.

(Gregor Richter, Manager Energy Efficiency in Building Technology & Augmented Reality at Merck Darmstadt)
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