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Data mining and data analysis on IoT platforms presupposes the integration of production systems and the connection of digital assets.

Digitalization requires the gathering and archiving of the production plant data in a first step. In the process, the archived data must be given semantics and related to other data.
However, the actual challenge for all market participants goes beyond the provision of data, in our case, the optimization of production. The important point is to leverage the available data for driving new value for all stakeholders.
A typical application is the data lake. Data lakes not only allow the storage of vast amounts of data and information, but also make them efficiently available for analytics and other applications. It is important that the data are not stored in individual folders or directories, but in a large common pool. This presupposes, however, the integration of all production systems. Through integration and/or digital connection, the data available from the production system are edited and made available on a centralized platform such as a data lake, for example. Only then can they be used for value creation.
SpiraTec supports you as an enabler in the use of portal technologies, such as IoT platforms, and also in the integration of your existing production plants and production IT systems. We get you ready for digital transformation.

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