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The fundamental idea of sustainability is a guiding principle for political, economic and ecological action, which has become a very important issue in recent years. Therefore, our company has also confronted this topic and analyzed to what extent we can therefore influence and reduce our ecological footprint.

Within this context, we have already initiated and implemented several projects such as:

  • Acquisition of our first e-cars
  • Planning charging stations at different locations
  • Evaluation and recording for the CO2 savings by utilizing train journeys
  • Mobile working

The initial step for this process was to conduct a materiality analysis, which thereby serves as a tool for companies to identify significant sustainability issues for themselves and their stakeholders. The analysis has been based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which require such a materiality analysis to be executed at the latest in sustainable reporting. However, the objective of the materiality analysis is to define the stakeholders who are relevant to our company, their needs and thereby the definition of important KPIs for the development of the strategic goals and measures which are to be derived.  

Firstly, issues are considered to be material which have a significant influence on long-term value creation and therefore on the performance and future viability of our company. Of particular importance here are our members of staff. We concentrate on ensuring sustainable staff welfare with measures such as an occupational safety concept, health promotion measures and a multidisciplinary training course concept. We regularly survey the concerns of our staff by implementing an employability study, which enables us to derive measures and to optimally support and promote our staff. 

We have already introduced initial key figures and collected measurements in order to make this process measurable. These key figures include:

  • employment,
  • employee-employer relationship (various meetings),
  • occupational health and safety (health promotion measures and training)
  • Training and ongoing development (multidisciplinary training program, talent program, training matrix)
  • Socio-economic compliance (protection of the company, its bodies and the staff)

Our highly motivated team continues to expand daily with the requirements of our customers and is thereby always prepared for the future. That is one of the reasons why we put a lot of emphasis on education with permanent training and ongoing development in order to become constantly better.