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The Board of Directors of SpiraTec AG is always totally committed to the interests of the SpiraTec Group, its customers and its members of staff. Transparency, integrity, responsibility and compliance with the applicable legislation are values which always guide the actions of the SpiraTec Group.

Compliance with applicable law, legislation and internal guidelines is self-explanatory for the course for our Group. In our role as the Board of Directors, we pursue a zero-tolerance policy. Any breach of the applicable law, legislation and internal guidelines will never be tolerated and will result in anything ranging from sanctions to consequences under labor law against the individuals concerned.

All the staff of the SpiraTec Group must be aware of the high risks which a violation of applicable law, legislation and internal policies can have for the SpiraTec Group and for them personally.

This Compliance Manual therefore provides you with an overview of our compliance regulations and thereby reflects our commitment to transparent, integrity-oriented and responsible conduct in compliance with the law as well as the guidelines. The Compliance Manual does not claim to describe possible situations which could occur in everyday business life. Rather more, it represents a binding guideline for all of us and contains the request to comply with all legal provisions and internal company regulations and values. This will therefore enable to live an internal cooperation which will be characterized by openness and fair, constructive collaboration.

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As part of our internal compliance reporting system, you can provide a report to the compliance officers at any time.