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Your start at SpiraTec

A heartfelt welcome to SpiraTec!

There are a few points which are essential for your start at our company in order to ensure that your first few days at our company are successful and that you are able to integrate well in the long term. For example, we are always “on a first-name basis” from day one – from the Executive Board to the trainees and apprentices.

Onboarding Program & Buddy Program

Your first working days will be based on an individual onboarding plan, which will be tailored to your needs and future role in the company. In addition to the modern equipment you will need, a welcome package will also be handed out on the first day. Your onboarding will be supported, in addition to your superior, by a so-called “Buddy” who will act as a personal contact and provides advice and support. There will also be a “Welcome Seminar” during the initial few months at SpiraTec. This will provide our new staff with a good overview of the internal organization and processes, locations, sectors, divisions, values and vision of SpiraTec, as well as many other exciting insights. This seminar brings together new members of staff from all areas, locations and entry levels, so that an exciting exchange can be created with other new colleagues and you can build up an initial network which will extend beyond your own team.

Training-on-the-job / direct entry

combined with interdisciplinary training

You can gain the most experience and the highest learning curve in practice. That is why we involve you in projects and practical issues at a very early stage. This will be combined with interdisciplinary training as well as the required technical training in order to build up further knowledge for personal and professional development.

Our internal training catalog is designed to provide the perfect basis for this and is constantly being developed by our experts from the personnel development department, in collaboration with the specialist departments, to target these objectives. It contains training courses relating to a wide range of subjects, such as for example soft skills training, specialist training, technical training and industry-specific know-how.

Regular Feedback

A regular exchange between the Executive Manager and the member of staff creates the basis for an optimal induction and good long-term collaboration. An intensive exchange is very important for our company and is supplemented by targeted feedback rounds, especially in the first six months of your employment. Furthermore, defined employee appraisal meetings also take place on a regular basis. These meetings serve not only to reflect on the past year, but also to plan additional, ongoing career steps and future areas of responsibility.

Freedom to shape your future and make decisions

in an innovative working environment

Being free to create ideas and decision-making are important cornerstones of our working environment. Right from the start, you will quickly discover that your field of work is not pre-structured down to the last detail, rather that there are numerous paths available in order to achieve your goal in the best possible way. Take advantage of the creative freedom and decide for yourself which path to the goal is correct for you. Your team, your Executive Manager and your personal Buddy will support you in this. Take your career into your own hands and actively shape it, as well as for your field of work. Utilize our innovative working environment as the basic principle for developing your own ideas and thinking outside the box. Interdisciplinary work in heterogeneous (project) teams especially provides our members of staff with the opportunity to develop their potential and thereby discover new perspectives and paths.

For reasons of simplification, it is possible that only the masculine form is used in some places. The SpiraTec Group absolutely rejects any differentiation according to gender / gender identity / skin color / origin / sexual orientation / religion / age and/or disability. The development of each personality is one of the highest goods here.