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Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

In our role as a general contractor, SpiraTec handles all the project planning and project coordination tasks for customers in the process and manufacturing industries. A team of specialists from the disciplines of project management, engineering coordination, procurement and construction management is therefore responsible for the entire life cycle of the order, starting from the rough concept and basic engineering through implementation to plant operation and warranty.

Our experienced project managers control all the groups which are involved in the project, such as the customer’s internal trades, SpiraTec’s specialist units as well as the partner companies and supplier companies assigned. As the single point of contact, they represent the customer’s interests in the EPCM project and are always responsible for schedule, cost and resource development as well as project-specific quality assurance.

Compliance with customer-specific requirements is always ensured by uniform methods and processes from the SpiraTec PME (Project Management Excellence) standard and by the ISO 9001-2015-compliant quality management system. With regards to project planning and control, we implement the special programs which are commonly available on the market and highly integrated software modules which we have developed in-house, through which the status of your project can be recorded and controlled at any time.

Our customers can benefit from EPCM projects in the following work areas, among others:

Superordinated Engineering Management

SpiraTec is responsible for the engineering planning and engineering implementation in the projects by utilizing a selected project coordinator, especially selected for every project, and for the individual trades assigned to the sub-projects and with Lead Engineers.
Coordinating all the trades which are involved in the success of the project means that an optimal overall result is achieved for our customers for each EPCM order.

Procurement, inquiry documentation

As an independent general contractor, SpiraTec is always responsible for all processes in partner coordination and supplier coordination as well as project-specific resource procurement. Trained procurement specialists ensure project success in the following areas:

  • Market analysis / market consulting
  • Requirements planning and documentation
  • Supplier tenders, RfQs
  • International purchasing organization
  • Contract drafting and monitoring
  • Project expediting and supplier inspection
  • Acceptance and testing, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) / Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
  • Supplier audits
  • Quality management of supplier processes
  • Coordinating supplier-related financial planning and invoice management
  • Coordinating incoming goods and warehousing
  • Logistics planning and logistics monitoring

Project Controlling and Contract Management

Within the framework of the overarching EPCM project management, SpiraTec assumes responsibility for all relevant internal and external commercial processes. Project managers and project controllers, with their many years of experience, are always on hand to assist you with the commercial planning and management of your project.
You will therefore be able to optimize your processes in collaboration with the SpiraTec EPCM project managers.

  • Project financial planning and budgeting
  • Budget monitoring and cost monitoring
  • Contracting with partners and suppliers
  • Legal analysis and enforcement of contracts and project deviations
  • Earned value analyses over the entire project period
  • Commercial project reporting (communication and system implementation via reports and dashboards)
  • Project-specific risk analysis / FMEA
  • Claim management

Interface coordination for the trades

  • Quality management including qualification/validation for highly regulated plant construction, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry”
  • Scheduling and controlling”
  • Compliance with specifications from all relevant regulations and standards (e.g. GMP,GAMP 5, FDA, ASME, AD2000, ATEX, DIN ISO, NAMUR, etc.)”
  • Budget monitoring and cost monitoring, project controlling”
  • Resource planning and control
  • Assembly management / assembly coordination
  • Coordinating commissioning
  • Warranty, support programs and training courses

Construction Management and commissioning

As the general contractor who is responsible, SpiraTec assumes all the activities relating to the construction / assembly, installation, commissioning, maintenance and operational optimization for the plants and systems.

Experienced Construction Managers coordinate all planning stages and implementation steps of the assembly work and construction activities in close collaboration with the SpiraTec Project Manager.

Our Commissioning Supervisors will oversee all the commissioning steps and necessary operational tests in cooperation with our customers.

After project completion, we will also support you during plant operation by providing customized support services and training programs for all plant and system types, technologies and facilities concerned.

The SpiraTec Construction Management and Commissioning portfolio ensures your success by:

  • Planning, monitoring and control of the installation/commissioning process
  • Assembly management worldwide
  • Inspections, FAT/SAT
  • Commissioning coordination for all trades
  • Claim management
  • Contract management with suppliers
  • Planning and reviewing, servicing, maintenance and repair processes
  • Control of site logistics and warehousing
  • Interface coordination between all trades and project stakeholders
  • Technical Service Desk (TSD) for the implementation of customer-oriented service programs
  • Extensive training catalog and experienced trainer team for further training of your employees
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