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Digital Worker

Digitalization affects all areas of industry and thus also has an impact on the daily work routines in industrial facilities. In future, production staff will work with new technologies and opportunities to exploit the ever increasing information flows for faster interaction.

Such access to comprehensive production data and information requires, however, novel augmented reality solutions running on mobile devices – such as smartphones, tablets and data goggles – and specifically designed for industrial applications. Only they provide the user, the so-called digital worker, with the edited information at the place of their deployment.

In the fields of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, e.g. inspection rounds by service technicians, or staff training and qualification, this technology obviously opens up new potential. The digital worker can identify potential issues faster and frequently resolve them before a failure occurs. Resulting benefits include increased process efficiency, transparency and safety in the industrial environment and chances to make up for the growing shortage of skilled workers.

This is where our competencies come into play. As a supplier-neutral service provider we command the knowhow and experience to support you in the selection of the best-suited augmented reality solution, advise you on digital transformation during the preparation of your digitalization project and assist you in its implementation in the production environment.

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