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Digital Operations

Manufacturing operations based on information from digital systems combined with the digital twin open up new opportunities for production management.

Smart devices that have become a mainstay of daily life and been used by end users in the consumer market for a long time are increasingly making their way into industrial applications. These days, mobile devices like tablets or smartphones are being used for the most diverse applications in the production environment, driving efficiency and value creation.
The host of data available and the information derived from it add transparency to production processes and make them more effective. Processes can be controlled more efficiently and optimized, increasing product availability and quality.
To be able to use this information across systems without the need for interpretation, data models must be built and digital infrastructures established. This is where the digital twin comes in. This tool is fed with all relevant information throughout the lifecycle of the production systems.
Digital Operations use the information available from the systems responsible for process control and combine it with the 3D model of the Digital Twin. Production managers, plant managers, shift managers and other roles thus have a new three-dimensional instant view of the production process. Simulations for process optimization and the training of new staff can be conducted efficiently with the Digital Twin. Initial concepts for the comprehensive field of digital operations are currently under development at SpiraTec.
The starting point for the deployment of these new technologies and processes is always the identification of the company’s level of digital maturity. Are the systems already fully integrated? Are the required data or edited information available in the required quality?
SpiraTec will be pleased to support you on your path to digital transformation. We will identify the digital maturity level of your operations and develop the necessary measures and steps from Industry x.0 through to Industry 4.0 in close cooperation with you.

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