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Automation Engineering

SpiraTec is your engineering partner of choice for international turnkey projects in the field of plant and system engineering. SpiraTec provides a complete range of automation services for the construction and/or conversion of production plants and facilities.

SpiraTec creates modular concepts for all planning stages for process automation (PCS) and the field level in this case. Experienced specialists for green field projects can prepare detailed software specifications and hardware specifications.

SpiraTec additionally takes care of the entire qualification procedure for the process control technology in the regulated industry. You can also find more information about this in the Validation & Qualification section.

PCS Planning

The process control system plays a central role in the automation of the production process. The creation of a modular concept in the planning phases, for both hardware and software, is a guarantee for the successful implementation of process and automation technology requirements. Together with our customers, we develop practical and cost-optimized concepts for automation projects in the process industry. We support our customers throughout the entire duration of the project with tailor-made, reliable planning based on many years of practical experience and in-depth process know-how.

  • Detailed automation and operating concepts including evaluated options
  • System selection with detailed system layout, installation plans, software selection
  • Detailed design and quantity calculation (e.g. valves, control loops, motors, PLC)
  • Risk assessment & classification (SIL, emergency stop, safety technology)
  • Early definition of the qualification strategy
  • Integrated MES and DCS concepts
  • Concept, basic and detailed design planning
  • Support for plant planning in EI&C topics
  • Tendering and support for the technical award of the automation project
  • Support and monitoring of suppliers from detailed design to commissioning, qualification and acceptance
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Qualification services DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ

Technical Specification

The process control system plays a central role in the automation of the production process. Creating a modular concept in the planning phases, not only for the hardware but also for the software, is a guarantee for the successful implementation of the process technology and automation technology requirements.

  • Automation concept for the process control system (hardware and software concept)
  • Cost estimation
  • Definition of user requirements – software/hardware
  • Detailed DCS scheduling – close coordination with process engineering
  • Preparing specifications – system topology
  • Preparing technical tender documents
  • System evaluation – examination of the functional requirements to the capabilities of systems from different manufacturers
  • Collaboration on process engineering descriptions
  • Preparation of functional plans according to S88.01 structures/models – Specifications for DCS supplier
  • Procurement of PCS and monitoring of processing
  • Executing the factory end test (FAT)
  • Monitoring of delivery and assembly etc.

Refer to the Module for PCS from the process automation business field for the actual implementation in the various systems.


We will be very pleased to draw up a power supply concept for your new or modernized production plant for the areas of low voltage and extra-low voltage.
Planning these areas is just as much a part of our standard repertoire as the procurement of the components which will be required, the associated FATs (Factory Acceptance Test) and the execution monitoring (expediting).

  • Creating energy concepts and supply concepts
  • Planning the energy distribution
    o NSHV
    o NSV
    o 24DC
    o USV
    o MCC
    o FU
  • Procurement
  • Assembly overview


In the field of instrumentation, the PCT field devices required for a plant or system will be specified, procured and their assembly and installation is supervised.

  • Instrument selection
  • Cost estimation
  • Specification – Creating the standards
  • Data exchange with process engineering
  • Design and calculation
  • Procurement
  • Supervising the assembly and stock management
  • Commissioning, site engineering
  • Support

Hardware planning

As part of the hardware planning for machines and systems, we create the complete hardware design including circuit diagrams, parts lists and terminal plans for switchgear, system cabinets, marshalling cabinets, control rooms and control consoles made to measure. In preparation for the installation of the PCT devices and the corresponding cabling, we create the installation documentation. Hardware planning is carried out using the latest CAE systems, whereby adaptation to customer CAE standards/systems is of course possible.

  • Detail engineering with the leading CAD/CAE systems in 2D and 3D
  • Creation of circuit diagrams, including in EPLAN P8, EPLAN Pro Panel, WSCAD, ProDOK NG and other systems
  • Layout for control cabinets and rooms, active circuit diagrams, control rooms, circuit diagrams, power supply, terminal connection diagrams and cable lists
  • RIO planning
  • Field and system bus topology
  • Device specification
  • Technical sheets
  • Installation drawings
  • PLT location directory
  • Cable lists
  • Dismantling documents etc.
  • SIL and intrinsic safety calculations for Ex systems
  • Actual recording of existing switchgear
  • Documentation processing for the customer


  • Inquiry specification
  • Call for tenders
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Quotation clarification, solicitation
  • Quotation comparisons, evaluations
  • Supplier audits
  • Award recommendations
  • Support for awarding process
  • Expediting, monitoring, controlling
  • Pre-acceptances and final factory inspections, FAT’s
  • Qualification (FAT, SIT, SAT)

PU coordination

Do you intend to implement parts of your process plant as a package unit (PU)? Then you will be faced with the challenge for the hardware integration and software integration of the PU into the overall plant in the plant construction project.

In this often underestimated part of the overall project, we can thereby assume all activities related to the PUs, from the definition of supplier interfaces to the supervision of commissioning at the construction site:

  • Project-oriented definition of the supplier interfaces
  • Preparing the PLT portion for the PU tenders
  • Evaluating the quotations (PLT share)
  • Interface coordination
  • Executing documentation controls (according to GAMP)
  • Factory end tests (FAT)
  • PLT support during PU commissioning

Business Process Modelling (BPM)

Based on our many years of experience in the IT environment and in the process industry, we advise our customers on the recording and modelling of their business processes in the production environment and thus support the assignment to the systems used, the definition of necessary interfaces and the standardization of the process landscape. In addition, we jointly develop process improvements, digitalization measures and solutions to support paperless production and make processes leaner.

  • Use of the “Innovator” modeling platform from our partner MID
  • Coordination and management of process definition workshops
  • Enterprise architecture modeling
  • Creation of process maps
  • Business process modeling
  • Object-oriented analysis and design
  • Multidimensional data modeling in software development
  • Standardized representation using the graphical notation BPMN 2.0
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