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Digital Production

We accompany you on the way to the Smart Factory

Utilizing innovative information technologies will enable today’s production plants and systems to become tomorrow’s digital production facilities.

The amendment process, which is associated with this, is being driven forward with due consideration for people, technology and the organization involved. In the process, all the thereby product-associated and production-related processes involved in value creation, as well as their supporting systems, will be networked in real time.

Networking is executed based on information models and also by utilizing a Digital Twin – a virtual image of the real production facility. Implementing digitalization results in economic benefits such as increased production efficiency. The holistic implementation thereby creates the Smart Factory.

We will accompany you on the path for digitalization by providing customized and goal-oriented consulting about the use of solutions which are based on state-of-the-art technologies.

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Digital Transformation

The “readiness” for accepting digitalization varies one company to the next. How to approach the introduction of digital methods and solutions on the path for digital transformation has to be evaluated as tailored to the initial situation and the intended objectives, as well as developed with recommendations for action to achieve the goals.

Maturity Model

Many companies are not always at the best-possible technical stage when it comes down to introducing digitalization; “Industry 3.0 still needs to be implemented in many areas.” The extent to which existing technologies must be implemented as a prerequisite will therefore be determined as the initial step of a digitization initiative by specifying the maturity level.

  • Classification of current processes in terms of “readiness” for digitalization.
  • Maturity analysis
  • Individual location determination
  • Implementation strategy
  • Development/Consulting
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We accompany you on the path to digitization by providing customized and goal-oriented consulting on the use of solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies.
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