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ERP Integration

Integration of corporate management level with production

Integrating the enterprise management level (ISA L4), with production as a link in the value chain, primarily enhances the potential for resource optimization of production.,
We can provide ERP integration solutions for various ERP systems which are available on the market, but SAP®’s MII product is of particular importance.

With SAP® MII – Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence, SAP AG offers the appropriate integration middleware between company management and production. We provide the following services in our role as a service partner for SAP AG for ERP and MII:

  • Integrating process-related and process-controlling systems such as MES, LIMS, PLS, SCADA, PLC into systems of the enterprise management level ERP (e.g. SAP® ERP).
  • SAP® MII serves as the integration platform in this case, which can therefore connect and visualize production processes with all business processes in the company by utilizing industry standards.
  • Applying industry standards and modern portal technology as a suitable integration platform
  • Implementation for dashboards with the objective of joint display and correlation of values from ERP and production
  • Generating additional synergies by integrating existing IT systems
  • Planning, procurement and implementation of vertical and horizontal integration
  • Support during operation and ongoing consultation
  • User-oriented training courses
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