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living and working in the usa

  • 26.05.2023

Our colleague Daniel Jung from Speyer has fulfilled a long-cherished dream: He lived and worked in the USA. He told us how this came about and what he experienced.

Back in 2012 when SpiraTec Solutions was founded in Vacaville on the west coast of the USA, it was clear to Daniel: “I have to go there!” Already in his youth, he had gotten to know and love the USA through his sister and joint “man tours” with his father. Gaining life and professional experience in this impressive country was his big goal.

In 2016, the time had finally come. Daniel started his first project in Vacaville and first commuted across the pond. Six months later, the real move followed and the “adventure USA” began.

“In 2018, it was time to pack my bags again: for project-related reasons, I went to New Orleans / Louisiana for almost nine months, which turned out to be a real stroke of luck: Working directly on the Mississippi was one of my highlights. I will never forget life in the southern states, working with large international project teams and the many leisure activities we experienced together,” says Daniel.

After that, it took him back to Vacaville, where he also stayed until the end of his assignment in the USA. During this time, his colleague Steffen Schlöder became a friend with whom he has always made great trips into nature: “Vacaville is just perfectly located – it’s only 2-3 hours to the mountains and you can be at the Pacific Ocean in just over an hour,” Daniel raves about the western USA.

But free time wasn’t everything: Daniel describes working in the USA as follows: “Project work is very different there. Everything is much more human and personal. Starting with the awarding of contracts – similar to an application, you always have a personal interview with the customer. In Germany, you sell the customer entire service packages, including the project team. In general, mutual trust and relationships are very important in the U.S., and thus, of course, maintaining contact with your clients and contacts.”

The biggest challenge for Daniel was the language – especially when dealing with authorities, organizing an apartment or car insurance. But he mastered all that very well and stayed in the USA for 5 years. This was not planned at all, originally his stay abroad was only supposed to last one year. Today, he has no regrets – he would do it all over again. “The opportunities that are offered, especially as a young employee, are unique. You learn so much, get different perspectives on many things and become much more open.”

But staying in the U.S. forever was never an option for Daniel. While three of his colleagues who were in Vacaville at the same time as him have put down roots there, he wanted to return to the Palatinate in any case. Because his home and family always come first for him.

But of course there are things he misses about his time on the West Coast: the vastness and the proverbial unlimited possibilities. Road trips inland, visits to the national parks, a trip to Hawaii and the food, which is much better than its reputation, have left formative impressions. What he won’t miss are American cars – after all, Daniel brought his Mustang with him to Germany. There is only one thing missing from his bucket list: experiencing a football game live in the stadium. That’s why Daniel is certain: “I’ll be back in the U.S.!”